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Leonardo (Vision Quest) is a playable character in Legends.

Bio Of Leonardo (Vision Quest)[]

Injured in a battle between Shredder, Leo must learn to lead in both body AND spirit. Leo's road to recovery has become a bumpy one in his weakened state. He must become like the wind, not allowing anything--including his defeat--weigh him down.


  • Precision Strikes: Leo fires a single arrow at a foe. Raise Critical Rate by 30%. On Critical Hit, cause Damage Over Time to target for 3 turns.
  • Rain From Above: Leo leaps into the air, knocking a barrage of arrows that strike all foes. Area damage. 100% chance for Speed to be lowered by 50% for 2 turns. Cooldown:4 turns
  • Battle Standard: Leo plants a banner firmly into the ground, inspiring his allies. 100% chance for Speed to be raised by 50% for 2 turns. 60% chance allies gain Armor. Cooldown:4 turns
  • Never Bow Down: Leo demonstrates that true leadership begins with flexibility. At the start of the turn, 50% chance to raise Dodge by 45% for 2 turns.
  • Live by the Gourd: Leo withdraws a gourd, tosses it into the air, and shoots it with an arrow, preventing healing on foes. Area damage. Blocks the healing of foes for 3 turns. 50% chance to Dispel positive effects from all foes. Cooldown:4 turns


Leonardo (vision quest) is an excellent fighter, he has high accuracy, high dodge, and high speed. But his max health and defense is low meaning that he is vulnerable against strong enemies.

Leonardo (vision quest) basic attack is capable of dealing damage over time against enemies if he does critical damage, and he has 2 area damage abilities against all enemies, his 2nd ability causes to decrease their speed and his 5th ability will cause to block enemies healing and dispelled positive effects. This makes him the most useful fighter that deals damage to all enemies at once gives them negative effects and he is useful against enemies with their cunning trait.

Vision quest Leo has the ability of support which gives their allies armor and increase speed which is very useful in tough battles but it only last for 2 turns.

Can Be Found In[]


  • Leonardo (Vision Quest) is one of the playable characters to be added in a seperate update.
  • In update #5, Leonardo (Vision Quest)'s "Battle Standard" ability now guarantees Speed Up with a chance of Armor.
    • Leonardo (Vision Quest)'s Physical Defense and Energy Defense stats have been reduced for balancing.
  • Leonardo (Vision Quest)'s effect-boost ability raises his Dodge, hence him being in the Swift class, as the Swift class' prime stat is Dodge.
  • Leonardo (Vision Quest) and Leonardo (Original) are the only playable characters in the game that can cause Damage Over Time in their basic attack.
    • Coincidence or not, they are both Leonardo variants.
    • This is incorrect, Rocksteady (Bunny) is capable of D.O.T.
  • Revealed in the game's files, Leonardo (Vision Quest), along with the rest of the Vision Quest Turtles, were originally silver-ranked characters.
  • Leonardo (Vision Quest) is one of the couple characters with the "Inflictor" trait that was added in a seperate update. The other being Casey Jones (Movie).